Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Old Pictures

Sorting through Mama's faded pictures, what is it I see?
A few old-timey strangers staring back at me.

Their drab clothes are old-fashioned but stylish for the day.
I think they must have really been those varied shades of gray.

From under his fedora, a gentleman smiles ahead.
His gaze is hypnotizing; my curiosity is fed.

I look a little closer look at his chin, his cheeks, his nose ...
And if I squint a little, I can see myself in those.

And a little bit of Mama, too; she has the same light eyes.
I think that's where I got mine, too; I wouldn't be surprised.

And there, right next to him, is a lovely flapper girl.
Together, they look ready to give this big ol' town a whirl.

She looks just like my Mama did a few decades ago.
Despite the lack of focus, her hopes and dreams all show.

I wonder what those long-ago folks would have thought of me.
I think I would have liked these members of my family.

I know them through the stories passed down through the years.
Their escapades are just the stuff I really love to hear.

So, are they really strangers, these folks I've never met?
Maybe in a way they are, but we're part of a matched set.

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